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For 15+ years, LMP has been involving brands with their consumers and employers with their teams. We pride ourselves on being strong marketers first and foremost. We take the time to understand your brand, strategies and consumer. We take this informed focus and apply it to the real and virtual environments and experiences we create to achieve a fully leveraged interaction with your consumer using technology, lifestyle cues and of course – people.


We create brand experiences and influence behavior through the human senses, (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell) and elicit a physical, emotional and memorable response.
We turn brands into memorable experiences.


Consumer Lifestyle + LMP Services = Client Business Needs and Objectives




• LMP has partnered with The Standard-Examiner  to build a new large scale Beer, Wine and Music Fest for the top of Utah late summer 2016 in beautiful Ogden, UT


• LMP is supporting the launch event for a new force for expanding women’s leadership in  business, education and philanthropy in Utah.


• LMP sports division, has partnered with Club Rec and Wake Utah  to expand and produce the WAKE UP event and series for summer 2016. The WAKE UP is the Mountain West’s largest wakeboard competition and water sports lifestyle event in it’s 6th year and growing!  The partnership intends to add more content and additional events to the series for the 2016 summer season!


• LMP sports division, has been supporting a broad scope of marketing and experiential work ongoing  for  a female focused enterprise offering retail, cultural marketing and signature apparel for women and girls in action sports. In it’s third year of operation, the growth and momentum has been amazing! Find out more at and join us for ladies nights on Powder Mountain and events throughout the U.S.  – Shred ON!


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